January Challenge: Your Best Shot… Entry #1 La Tourell Falls

Our CrAzY friend Sassy in the great Northwest was the one who suggested “Your Best Shot” for our January 2015 challenge, so I thought it only appropriate to begin our challenge with her entry.
So… here is her e-mail and her entry:

“Holy Crappity, it’s already 2015!

I hope all you crazies had a wonderful holiday season. I did and now I am ready for springtime and photography. I think here in the Pacific N/W we can stick a fork in winter. I think it’s done and over with. We are having springtime temps, mid to high 50’s during the daytime instead of our normal mid 30’s to lower 40’s, very little snow up on the mountain, which could spell disastrous results for us come summer.

As for the January Challenge, pick your best shot of 2014. Looking forward to seeing what you gals choose. I had a hard time choosing as there were so many favorite shots last year, but I think I finally picked my favorite, soooo I’m gonna add it and get this off to Fay before I change my mind, which I’ve done 3 times already! Let’s not go for number 4. LOL!

This is the stream below LaTourell Falls in the Columbia River Gorge waterfalls area. I picked this as my favorite cause it’s one of my favorite areas to shoot, and this is my favorite picture from that area,,,, for now.”

Happy New Year All Ya Crazies!

La Tourell Falls  (Photo by Sassy)

La Tourell Falls
(Photo by Sassy)


9 thoughts on “January Challenge: Your Best Shot… Entry #1 La Tourell Falls

  1. Sassy… I so much appreciated your suggestion for this challenge! It makes perfect sense to kick off the new year! And what a dramatic shot you have sent our way.

    Hope y’all will click on the photo to see it larger. What a gorgeous place to shoot or just to sit in amongst nature!

    Do ya think if I look on the other side of the strip mall along the highway here in Texas that I might just find a waterfall hiding from view? Somehow… I very much doubt it! Did you have to hike to it or is it easily accessible by a road? I can almost hear it falling on the rocks below!

    I can see why this is a favorite image!

  2. What a beautiful place. I wish we have something like this here. Love the serenity of the sorroundings.
    Thank you Sassy for sharing this fantastic picture, and for the challenge idea.

  3. Sassy, 2015 is certainly rushing past me. Glad you had some wonderful days bridging the old and new year. Fay has informed us though of your husband’s recent accident and I pray and wish for a speedy recovery for him and you. Thank you for suggesting this month’s challenge. I’m fully understanding the tough decision to choose one and this one has lots to like about it. I do appreciate the great outdoors and your pick has me admiring your results.

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