November Challenge: Leaves… Entry #4 Wrapping Leaves

Thank you Debbie for sending your entry my way.  For those who do not know… Debbie has moved north… as in far north Texas and we will miss having her join us  on our outings but certainly wish you well!  So here is the photo and story she has sent our way.

“Gary, Sienna and I were spending time at a local park. After snapping many photos I happened upon this tree with a vine of leaves wrapped around it.  I was very intrigued about the leaves and tree, so I decided to submit this photo for my November challenge.”

Wrapping Leaves (Photo by Debbie)

Wrapping Leaves
(Photo by Debbie)


3 thoughts on “November Challenge: Leaves… Entry #4 Wrapping Leaves

  1. Debbie… I am liking your wrapping leaves but am wishing it had a bit more contrast and more in focus to include the bark to get that pop. Very much like your composition on this. I imagine by now those leaves have changed colors!

  2. Love the idea too Debbie…. And Lala’s idea to revisit this place and take another picture this season is great. Miss you woman.

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