November Challenge: Leaves… Entry #1 Last to Leave

It’s that time of year again when our attention turns to the leaves that are turning color and falling from the trees as we go from autumn into winter.

I will begin by featuring a photo by Lorraine but before I do, I would like to congratulate both Lorraine and Mike for the awards they received in the annual Rowlett Photography Contest.

“The Rowlett Arts and Humanities Commission presented 4 awards at the October 21 Rowlett City Council meeting as part of the commissions’ annual Photography contest.  The 2014 contest theme of “Rowlett – Up Close” garnered 27 entries among Lake Hubbard area residents and after being on display during September in the Rowlett Library, the contest judge made awards in People, Places, Things and Best of Show categories.  The following entrants received certificates and cash awards for their images of Rowlett life.

People Category: Sue Ann Bruce
Places Category: Michael Ficarra
Things Category: Lorraine Ficarra
Best of Show: Greg Wilkins

The photographs have the added honor of being part of the first Rowlett public art exhibit at the Downtown Rowlett DART Rail station beginning in November.”

I have not yet been over to the rail station yet to see the art exhibit but plan on going this week!

Here is what Lorraine had to say about her winning photo… “Last to Leave”.
“Last January, I was out walking along Pecan Grove Trail in Rowlett looking for something interesting to shoot. A few weeks prior, a bad ice storm had resulted in a lot of damage to many trees across the metroplex. I was curious to see how the trees in this park had fared. I wasn’t finding much I was too excited about shooting during this walk. I could hear birds and wildlife off in the wooded area but they stayed far away from this scary human wandering around their home!

I enjoyed the walk but was feeling rather disappointed about not finding anything I could capture. The sun was starting to lower in the sky and I was feeling pretty cold so walked briskly toward my vehicle. I was almost at the end of the trail when all of a sudden this cluster of leaves caught my eye. The sun was coming from behind and they were being beautifully backlit by the sun! I got so excited and just had to shoot this beauty!!! I was quite impressed that, with all the leaves gone off the trees, I would find this lone cluster in such good condition! I had struck gold!! It is one of my favorite photos and I will never forget the wonderful experience of shooting it!!!”

Last to Leave (Photo by Lorraine)

Last to Leave
(Photo by Lorraine)

And this was Mike’s winning entry in the Rowlett contest… “The Old Church in Winter”.

The Old Church in Winter (Photo by Mike )

The Old Church in Winter
(Photo by Mike )

Congratulations to both Lorraine and Mike! And what perfect photos to feature as we transition from autumn into winter!


16 thoughts on “November Challenge: Leaves… Entry #1 Last to Leave

  1. Congratulations Lorraine and Mike! So proud of you both! Well chosen and executed images for the competition!

    Not sure what there is about shooting leaves but I have always been fascinated by leaves as they turn color and used to press them in books years ago.

    • Fay, thank you so much for the congrats and the kind comments! I find leaves so interesting and enjoyable to shoot! I was out trying to shoot some a couple of days ago. I tried to catch falling leaves but didn’t have much luck with that! I haven’t uploaded my photos yet so am not sure how well they came out. Thanks again!!

  2. Cash awards! Look out, Ficarras, I’m entering the competition next year! Congratulations, Lorraine and Mike!! Wonderful tale and image for the leaf Challenge, Lorraine. I too am a leaf fan, Fay, and may we see Lorraine’s winning photo from the Rowlett Contest?

  3. Question….I want to start learning photoshop. Which photoshop package do you suggest?

    Thank you in advance. Lea Ann Bobbitt

    Sent from my iPad


    • Lea Ann: PhotoShop Elements. Version 13 is on big discount along with Premiere Elements 13 at B and H photo, today only (they say). Something like $80 for both!!!

      • Thank you Robin for letting Lea Ann know this. I was just sitting here e-mailing her about it as well and glad that you can share that info. Sounds like a deal!

      • Fay, my jaw dropped when I saw that. That’s quite a bit less than I paid for PS elements v9, the educational discount version, several years ago. And, it comes with Premiere elements which was another hundred-something back then..

      • Robin… I still have the old Elements 6 and have not even figured that out although it has helped me to do some things that I cannot do in Lightroom. And from what I understand, the more advanced photoshop will be “in the cloud” and will require a monthly fee to access it… isn’t that right? It will include any updates that come along but I do not use it enough to have to pay a monthly fee to get it.

      • Adobe is pushing cloud PS hard! I’ll resist to my last breath. I’m a techie and I don’t like cloud. I don’t like cloud a whole lot.

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