October Challenge: An Ordinary Moment… Entry #6 Old Reality/New Reality

Sassy has sent us a very personal moment in her day and said I was free to share it with you.

“OK, here is my entry for the current challenge. It’s actually 2 photos. The one with only 2 scripts was my ordinary Pre-Rhupus (rheumatoid arthritis and lupus). The 2 meds were for my Tourettes disorder.”

Old Reality (Photo by Sassy)

Old Reality
(Photo by Sassy)

“The one with multiple meds is my ordinary Now, multiple meds for the Rhupus and Tourettes disorder. The one medication missing is the Humaria which is in the fridge.”
New Reality (Photo by Sassy)

New Reality
(Photo by Sassy)

“These were taken with my phone as I am flaring today and my hands are weak and I don’t feel comfy using the Canon on days like this.”


7 thoughts on “October Challenge: An Ordinary Moment… Entry #6 Old Reality/New Reality

  1. Sassy… I am so very sorry that you are having to deal with all these physical ailments and I’m sure the medications are not cheap. I certainly hope they are helping to improve your quality of life. They cannot move quickly enough to find a cure for these diseases.

    And I do believe I see a kitty kat in the background!!

  2. LOL yeah that’s Jake you see in the background. No the meds are not cheap. Thankfully we are low income enough that I can get state insurance and they pick up the cost of my meds, which would cost almost $3800.a month. About what we make a month.

  3. Sassy,
    Thank you for sharing this very personal ordinary moment, and sorry that you have to deal with these ailments.
    Being in the medical care for so long, I understand what you have been through, but this just shows how strong and a fighter you are.
    Hope you feel better.

    • Thanks Tess. I noticed that a couple of you gals work in the medical field and that is why I am comfortable allowing this group a peek into the private side of my life. I know y’all will understand the challenges and obstacles I contend with on a daily basis.
      I’ve had tourettes since I was 4yrs old. It never stopped me from doing anything, the RA diagnosis came almost 4 yrs ago, it has managed to throw a monkey wrench into my life and throw it into a tailspin like y’all ain’t ever even fantasised about. But I’m a warrior and I fight the fight daily.
      The Lupis was diagnosed a year ago sigh, yeah life enjoys throwing challenges at me.

  4. Hi Sassy, I’m a bit behind in the program and must say congratulations on being able to fulfill this ordinary challenge because I’m one that did not make it happen. Your ordinary image is very poignant and I’m wishing you great days ahead including a nice Thanksgiving!

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