October Challenge: An Ordinary Moment… Entry #5 What It Used To Be

In spite of Tess’s crazy schedule, she has found time to share an ordinary moment with us.

“This challenge is one of the hardest ones ever. This used to be my ordinary day minus our dear Hunter. After work I gave them snacks then out they would go to play. It is priceless to watch them play. With Hunter gone, this is still my ordinary routine, but it would have been
better with him around. Mika and Mavros still keep me occupied though. I love and adore them all.”

What It Used To Be (Photo by Tess)

What It Used To Be
(Photo by Tess)


9 thoughts on “October Challenge: An Ordinary Moment… Entry #5 What It Used To Be

  1. Thank you Tess for sharing your “extraordinary” moment with us. Those of us with pets understand. Whenever you can capture animals interacting with each other, it is always a plus. Such beautiful and gentle dogs! I am sure you relive this moment over and over in your mind and so nice to have the photo to capture the memories.

    • Thank you stranger Robin😄

      From left to right:
      Mavros = a black Labrador/Pitbull mix. Mavros is “Black” in Greek of which I asked the name from my mother in law. He is 116lbs and adopted in August 2007.

      Hunter = a broad headed yellow Labrador. He was 113lbs, we adopted him in February 2008 and we lost him last September 17. Still cries for him everyday.

      Mika = a Catahoula Leopard dog that weighs 121lbs. This papa’s girl is so sweet to us only but not to her brothers…a typical girl😃. We adopted her in May 2007.

  2. Tess,
    Nice shot of your beloved doggies! Sounds like they get along so well. Glad you have some wonderful photos of them. May your photos of Hunter bring you comfort and fond memories. Thank you for introducing them all! Woof Woof!!

  3. Tess, I like your choice of dogs (not like those annoying ankle nippers). An ordinary moment doesn’t get much better than this! Wishing you great Hunter memories always.

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