October Challenge: An Ordinary Moment… Entry #1 Ordinary Breakfast

For some reason, this has been a bit of a difficult challenge for some of you. Is that because we just don’t think to photograph the common ordinary things in our lives? Sometimes it just takes a minute to look at the common things we see on a daily basis. Perhaps shooting at an interesting angle or zooming in on your daily activities might spark your imagination. We do tend to take these things for granted but this is a part of who we are.

Liz shares her image with us today.
An alternative title might have been… “Life is Short! Eat Dessert First!”

“I could not come up with a good idea for an ordinary moment in my day since the whole day is ordinary. But here is a health moment (sort of) with oatmeal, of all things. I dollop butter, cinnamon and brown sugar on it when I have it for breakfast. It is like a dessert this way. The bowl is Kroger’s purchase of Churchill’s Blue Willow.”

Ordinary Breakfast (Photo by Liz)

Ordinary Breakfast
(Photo by Liz)


6 thoughts on “October Challenge: An Ordinary Moment… Entry #1 Ordinary Breakfast

  1. Liz… I think you are onto something! This looks quite delicious… butter, brown sugar, cinnamon! Hmmm… the only thing missing is a big scoop of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, but I bet we can fix that!!! This is a yummy looking image with good color and contrast and like the close-up vantage point!

  2. Liz,
    Very nice!
    Just like Robin, I am so not sure of what to submit to this “not so ordinary” challenge. Thank you for being so brave to take the lead 😀
    Love the plate and it make me feel hungry. Oat meal does not keep me feel full for a long period of time, but adding some protein on it, like nuts will do the work. 😃

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