September Challenge: Landscape… Entry #9 Family Picnic

Rebekah sends us this landscape taken at the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center during the 10th anniversary celebration.

Family Picnic (Photo by rebeKah)

Family Picnic
(Photo by rebeKah)



8 thoughts on “September Challenge: Landscape… Entry #9 Family Picnic

  1. Yes, Fay, all my images are chigger free, ha! Thank you so much for having this opportunity for CWPC. It was a very nice day. The volunteers and staff at the BPRC are superb.

    • I’ll be more clear. I’d like to be that little girl in the image 🙂

      Really kidding, no way I’d want to live through that again.

      Regardless, it’s a very compelling image, it would make anyone want to be in it.

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