September Challenge: Landscape… Entry # 6 Fisherman’s Village

Tess has once again done “a Tess” and sent a couple photos our way.

“The first picture is titled “Fisherman’s Village”.  This was taken outside of our hotel room at dawn when I visited in the Philippines last April.”

Fisherman's Village (Photo by Tess)

Fisherman’s Village
(Photo by Tess)

“This second picture is “Great Memories”.  As you know, we made this most difficult and painful decision but best for our loved one Hunter.  Hunter was a giant but gentle-hearted sweet boy who gave us so much joy and happiness even for a short period of time.  We love him dearly and he will always be in our hearts.”

Great Memories (Photo by Tess)

Great Memories
(Photo by Tess)


10 thoughts on “September Challenge: Landscape… Entry # 6 Fisherman’s Village

  1. Tess… the view from your room was like a postcard. A beautiful and tranquil scene.

    And I know what a heart-wrenching decision it was for you to make in letting Hunter go. He was a good, loving dog and you gave him a good life and in return he gave you so much love. He was such a faithful companion. I do understand how difficult it is to make such a decision. I know you will have very fond memories of your sweet and gentle boy.

  2. The images are both lovely.

    To me, losing a pet has been more difficult than losing a person. Very much so. I suspect your ordeal was similar. My sympathy.

      • Tess, Ailinna has been gone since June last year. Last night I sat down on the love seat in my reading room and briefly expected the cat to come running in for a scratching. This happens very seldom now, but still, sixteen months?

  3. Tess,
    Such a beautiful capture of the Fishermans Village! I love all the wonderful colors in the sky and water. What a very very very nice portrait shot of Hunter! I am so sorry to hear about his passing. He was so lucky to have such a loving and caring owner. May your wonderful memories of Hunter bring you comfort and peace.

  4. Although both images are pleasing, the Fisherman’s Village pales in comparison to Great Memories. What a fantastical feel-good image!

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