September Challenge: Landscape… Entry #4 Spring Break

What a pleasant surprise to hear from Kristen P.. Her children are back in school and she is now done with school and looking for a job so she can buy more photography equipment. Now she’s thinking like a crazy woman!

“It’s more of a seascape than a landscape but I thought it was kinda cool with the fog.
This was back in March when I took my girls to Padre Island during spring break.”

Spring Break 2014 (Photo by Kristen P.)

Spring Break 2014
(Photo by Kristen P.)


6 thoughts on “September Challenge: Landscape… Entry #4 Spring Break

  1. I do love this image. The fog makes for such a moody photo and I love the leading line of the surf and the undulations in the sand as well as a few birds and few people! That is definitely my kind of beach.

  2. Miss you woman and thank you for the entry. I lived near this area for almost 2 years, been there almost ten times but I never seen this place under fog.
    You captured it right on time and created a dramatic look on it.
    So wonderful to see your beautiful entry once again.

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