September Challenge: Landscape… Entry #3 The Cascades

This next entry is from Sassy in Oregon…

“Here are a couple of photos I fortunately happened to take earlier this summer. These are of Mt.Hood and part of the Cascade Mountain Range here near us. I say I was fortunate to get up there and shoot these ’cause from the sound of it, this little play area of mine and the guys (we also take the Bronco’s up here to play) is now gone, destroyed possibly by the Pit 36 Fire that is burning near Estacada, Oregon. Estacada is only 13 miles from us. At the moment, the fire has consumed 5400 acres and is only 40% contained. Hillockburn Rd. up below where we play was at level 3 evacuation, however as of this morning those residents are being allowed back. I’m looking forward to this fire being out and us being able to get back up on Hillockburn to see how bad it is.”

So… here are Sassy’s photos and I will put the fire photos in a little slideshow. A couple of the fire photos were taken by a fire fighter friend. They are quite dramatic!

Cascade Mountains (Photo by Sassy)

Cascade Mountains
(Photo by Sassy)

Cascade Mountains (Photo by Sassy)

Cascade Mountains
(Photo by Sassy)

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10 thoughts on “September Challenge: Landscape… Entry #3 The Cascades

  1. What a tragedy! It is such a beautiful area and you have captured it well. Oh… to live in such a lovely place! What a wonderful area to wander and shoot. We will be anxious to see what the fires have done and will look forward to the rebirth.

  2. What a tragic story to this wonderful place. Hope the fire will be totally contained soon, and the rain is a blessing.
    You are lucky to have captured it before the incident.
    Good job Sassy!

  3. Sassy,
    Looks like a very nice area to take in the beauty of nature. Hopefully the fire didn’t take out too much and thankgoodness for the rain!

  4. Wishing for the mountains … photos are lovely and also show the tragic elements of the fire. Happy to hear that rain came!

  5. I just thought I’d update ya’ll on the fire, it is currently at 80% containment, and burned a total of 5521 acres. Hillockburn Road up where these pictures were taken is still closed, although I spoke with the PIO yesterday and he said it might be open by next month if it don’t snow. otherwise it’ll be spring when the USFS opens the gate.

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