September Challenge: Landscapes… Entry #1 Winter Reflections

It had suddenly occurred to me that we have not done a landscape challenge and that is certainly a favorite of many.  Of course a lot depends on where you are at the time.  Sadly, living in “scenic” Rowlett,  leaves a lot to be desired, so I look forward to see what you will enter in this challenge.

We will begin this one with a photo from Lorraine. This is a view overlooking the pond at Harry Meyers Park in Rockwall on a beautiful January day. Perhaps I am wishing I could feel that cool breeze right about now!

Winter Reflections (Photo by Lorraine)

Winter Reflections
(Photo by Lorraine)


16 thoughts on “September Challenge: Landscapes… Entry #1 Winter Reflections

  1. Water is always a great subject for a landscape shot and you have captured nice reflections of the trees and that beautiful blue sky. Also… you did a great job of keeping your horizon straight!

  2. Very nice as always Lorraine, and I can’t believe that this is just near your home.
    You always submit a wonderful challenge, and this one did not disappoint me as always.
    Great job!

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