Happy Birthday Robin!

We interrupt this challenge for some heart pounding excitement!  Just want to wish Robin… you know, the “other” Robin, a very Happy Birthday!

There’s no telling where you might find this CrAzY woman and you might even find her riding her motorcycle on occasion, but I don’t think she is racing cars… at least, not yet!




9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Robin!

  1. Actually, not racing cars any more 🙂 That’s way way in my past.

    Thanks y’all. I’ve been working very hard on a very enjoyable project at work today. I may even finish it today, who knows.

      • Well, Fay, racing gives the image of wheel-to-wheel competition. What I did was auto-cross. You run the track alone, and the fastest time wins. I worked the track on races some, but that’s not like driving the race.

        I’m just trying to salvage a little lady-like cred here, and I understand it’s not gonna work. Guess I better dig out those heels, and see if my makeup still works or if it’s dried out hopelessly.

  2. So you were the pinup girl at this race? Was the driver of the smoking car looking at your image too long, crashed? You had a birthday? I’m confused…I thought you no longer participated in dangerous activities as such?! Well, pick out the right colorful pair of non-matching socks and have a nice day in them!!

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