August Challenge: Black and White… Entry #3 Abandoned Tracks

Our next entry is from our friend Sassy…

“OK now, as for the August challenge, Black and White, I have a few that would probably work, but I’m going to submit my favorite picture.    These are abandoned train tracks behind the old Publishers Paper pulp mill in Oregon City. I shot this back in March on a photowalk I participated in.”

Abandoned Tracks (Photo by Sassy)

Abandoned Tracks
(Photo by Sassy)


10 thoughts on “August Challenge: Black and White… Entry #3 Abandoned Tracks

  1. Sassy,
    Love it! Great subject for a B&W. Agree with Robin on those lines!! I would really enjoy hanging around this place. Well done!

    • Really?? Hmmm… may be onto something here. Anyways, gotta run….just on my way out the door and headed for the the nearest train tracks!!!

  2. I must admit… between you and Lorraine, I too have developed a fondness for train tracks; however, I will say this… Lorraine is obsessed. (And she used to be such a nice girl! (HAHAHAHAHA!) I very much like the fact that you shot from a low perspective.

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