August Challenge: Black and White… Entry#1 Prairie Creek Falls

Today I will begin posting our black and white photos and appreciate all of your submissions. We will start off with one by our newest member to the club… Liz. I met Liz about a year ago through Capture Dallas and I can tell you she is great fun to go out and shoot with and has won quite a number of awards on Capture Dallas. She loves nature photography and has captured some gorgeous water lily photos but for this challenge she is submitting a photo of Prairie Creek Falls in Richardson.

I have never been there but I am thinking that this might be a good spot for an outing for the crazies once the weather cools and when there is some fall color. We might also try doing some portraits of each other while there.

So please welcome Liz to the club and I hope we can arrange to meet up soon to shoot together!

(Click on photo to see in a larger format.)

Prairie Creek Falls (Photo by Liz)

Prairie Creek Falls
(Photo by Liz)

To see more photography by Liz, please go to:
Capture Dallas site:
It’s great having you join us Liz and hope you get to meet a bunch of the gals real soon!


7 thoughts on “August Challenge: Black and White… Entry#1 Prairie Creek Falls

  1. I knew before I saw your name that it was your image. Excellent contrast and beautiful stopped action on the waterfall.

  2. Liz,

    A warm welcome to the club, expect craziness… LOL
    What a wonderful first submission and I can’t wait to see more of your beautiful pictures.
    The place looks so peaceful and a wonderful photographers oasis. Yes Lala, this is probably a place that is a must to go.

  3. Liz,
    Welcome to CWPC!!! What a fantastic first entry you submitted to this club!! I love the beauty and peacefulness of this scene. Looking forward to seeing more of your great photos!

  4. So, Elizabeth is certified crazy now?! The more the merrier! Hope you enjoy the CWPC as much as we enjoy your contributions like this invitingly wonderful shot of the falls, Elizabeth.

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