Not so wild wildlife…

It seems that Mike and Lorraine are on a roll and Mike recently got Photo of the Day for his capture of Lorraine feeding a baby bunny!

Check it out:

And be sure to see the video.  Listen to the birds singing and the fountain running in the background.

Not So Wild Wildlife

What’s not to love about photography?  Now get out there and do it!



7 thoughts on “Not so wild wildlife…

    • Thanks Fay! I love that we have this photo and video to remember our visitor by. Although, I could have used a power zoom for the video and I might test my photoshop skills by getting rid of that darn landscape light.

    • Fay,
      Thank you for sharing! It was truly a heart warming experience! The bunny and I both had to overcome some anxiety and develop some trust in our own ways. Before it ate the carrot it came over to me and sniffed my fingers which were laying flat on the concrete. At this point, I froze and hoped that it wouldn’t take a bite out of these weird food sticks!!

      • I must tell you. I raised a squirrel that had fallen out of it’s nest when I was a little girl and then let it go. Her name was Millie. I would go out with a carrot to feed her and the one day she grabbed my hand with her teeth and would not let go and I swung her in the air and finally she let go and went flying. I have been very wary of wild animals ever since.

  1. That squirrel incident sounds like a memory that would really stick with you. Don’t blame poor Millie. I’m sure she just thought your fingers were more carrots.

    • You are right… the incident has stuck with me and I guess it just makes me appreciate that you can’t take the “wild” out of the animals nor should we really expect to. They do need their defense systems.

  2. I’m so happy to both of you Mike and Lorraine, congratulations for the job well done.
    Your lives seems to be boring 😀

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