July Challenge: Shutter Speed… Entry #4 The Infamous Frog

Tess has been a busy gal in the process of selling her house, buying another and living out of her RV with her husband and three big lovable dogs and in spite of it all, she has managed to send me some photos and a story!

“I choose this submission because this frog picture is the important and celebrated moment that triggers me to the love of photography.

March 22, 2012 was a very cold day when Fay, Gina and I went for the first time as a group at the Arboretum. It warmed up a little bit almost the middle of the day though. I and Gina knew nothing about the photography including how to use our cameras. There we learned Photography Lesson 101: “Remove your lens cap”. LOL


Almost the end of our tour, Fay showed me a picture from her camera screen, a picture of this frog that she just took with a frozen water. I was impressed with that picture, she taught me how to do it (but it took sooooo many tries), then the rest is history. Thanks again Lala for everything. I always appreciate it.”


So… here is the slow shutter speed:
The Infamous Frog (Photo by Tess)

The Infamous Frog
(Photo by Tess)

And here is the fast shutter speed.  (For some reason the specific data was not retained within the photo.)
The Infamous Frog (Photo by Tess)

The Infamous Frog
(Photo by Tess)

“The next picture is just a picture that I wanted to share just to keep my title “Doing a Tess”.
This is an accidental shutterspeed delay. Guess what this image is?
Clue: It’s a drive-by photography.” *:) happy
What the Heck is This? (Drive-by Photo by Tess)

What the Heck is This?
(Drive-by Photo by Tess)


6 thoughts on “July Challenge: Shutter Speed… Entry #4 The Infamous Frog

  1. Once again Tess… you do not disappoint! I do remember that day when you were shooting the frog. Talk about a crazy woman! She was having fun as she found she could mess with the water! Thus… “Tess the Mess”!

    And as far as the last photo is concerned… I have absolutely NO CLUE! I just hope you weren’t the one driving when this was taken! (Sorry Officer, I did not mean to be driving on the wrong side of the road. I was just trying to get this slow shutter speed shot for the CWPC!)

    Is it any wonder I have so many grey hairs?

    • Lala,

      Thanks for the comments. I just need to keep up with my name right? LOL.

      Luckily, I was not the one driving that day… Shall I say “unfortunately” that I was not the one driving? It could have been a great photo ops. Hahaha.

      Guess what? I did not forget…. Happy birthday Lala. Hope you have a wonderful day.

      • So do you see how she suddenly changes the subject? And she is a day early! And she is keeping me in suspense as to what that drive-by is a photo of.

  2. Tess,
    Very nice representations of slow and fast shutterspeeds!!! These photos will always be special to you with fond memories of your beginnings in photography! Great shots!! A++ The last photo….have no idea. Sounds like a sneaky drive by shooting to me!! (HaHa)

    • Thanks Lorraine. It’s indeed very memorable to me.
      That drive by picture is not sneaky. It’s actually in a public/touristy place😃

  3. The frog shots are excellent of course.

    She’s obviously not cracking on the third image so I’m not going there. I’m guessing wood fence rotated 90 degrees.

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