July Challenge: Shutter Speed… Entry #3 Chilly Splash

Our next entry is from Lorraine…

“I have really enjoyed shooting the kiteboarders on Lake Ray Hubbard.
These guys and even some gals brave the cold waters in the winter months
for the thrill of this activity. I took this photo on January 4th. I
have met several of them and they enjoy getting photos of their stunts!
Controlled by the wind direction, they often try their best to come as
close to the shore as safely possible so you can get a decent shot.

With all the action I have learned to use faster shutter speeds. It is
also sometimes very difficult to shoot them at the right angle because
often you are facing the sun. I try to wait for them to be in an area
were I am shooting them with the sun more at my side. The haze and
brightness can be tricky. Sometimes I have taken many shots just to only
get a few decent ones.

This is Jason and he was the first kiteboarder that I met. These
kiteboarders are amazing to watch and photograph. Its been very good
practice for me to try to shoot action and use faster shutter speeds.
Its also been a lot of fun!!”

(Be sure to click on photo to enlarge!)

Chilly Splash (Photo by Lorraine)

Chilly Splash
(Photo by Lorraine)

In looking at the data imbedded in Lorraine’s photo, I can tell you that this was taken at f 6.7, shutter speed 1/1500 sec. ISO 500 at 200mm. So… I think you are getting the idea that if you want to freeze the action, it is necessary to really boost up your shutter speed as Lorraine did here. It may necessitate also increasing the ISO since you will in essence be decreasing the light by increasing your shutter speed. It’s all about balance with your shutter speed, ISO as well as aperture to get proper exposure. Just remember… when trying to catch the action, be sure to set your shutter speed first and then play with the other settings until you get the desired results.

I have run into Lorraine and Mike at the lake on several occasions as we have shot the kiteboarders. They are lots of fun to shoot and appreciate you taking their photos but it is definitely a challenge to catch the action.

6 thoughts on “July Challenge: Shutter Speed… Entry #3 Chilly Splash

  1. What a great shot this is Lorraine! You have managed to work with the light (and I know how difficult that can be!) and have frozen the water and yet as you zoom in, you have retained the detail on his face. Excellent work!!

    • Fay,
      Thank you so much! You are too kind!! I hope we can enjoy shooting the kiteboarders for years to come. I worry though about what the future may hold with the development plans for this park!

  2. Lorraine,
    You got this perfectly. Fay-la-la, Kristin P. and I were there once and we tried to take pictures of the kiteboarders but I end up literary nothing. It is such a challenge to capture them, and of course the big factor is the sun as you have mentioned.
    Great capture!

    • Tess,
      Thank you for your kind comments!!! Maybe sometime we ought to try kiteboarding! Fay could practice shooting us before she needs to dial 911 because I am having severe hypothermia! (Ha Ha)

      • Whew! Looks like it is my lucky day! I was afraid you were going to send me out in the water to try it too! Get your gear on and let me know when to start shooting! I’ll be sure to have a fast shutter speed to catch the action!

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