July Challenge: Shutter Speed… Entry #2 Movin’ Out

Our next entry is from Robin W. (the other Robin).

Movin' Out

Movin’ Out (Photo by Robin W.)

This was a fun exercise, in bright sunlight with a long shutter speed
– 1/5 second.  ISO was 100, and aperture was F29.

The key to this was a variable neutral density filter.  The ND filter
is sort of like sunglassess, or maybe welding glasses, for the
camera.  Variable means you can vary the amount of light that gets
through.  Mine is home-made.  When I was starting out I bought two
different circular polarizing filters, one for each size lens I
had.  Much later I discovered that if I would get a cheap adapter I
could screw them together and have a variable ND filter on the cheap.

Anyway, I set the camera up on the tripod by the road, and aimed it,
put the filter on and dialed it down to the darkest, and did some
test shots.  Looking at the itty-bitty monitor on the back of the
camera I found 1/5 second would make an okay image, longer blew it out.

So then I just waited for bicyclists (or anything that moved) to go
by and used the remote shutter release to shoot.  You don’t get any
viewfinder or monitor, everything is just black, so you memorize
where your target comes into the frame, and shoot blind.  You shoot a
lot, and review them on the monitor to see if you’re getting anything.

On another subject, turned out that was the day I lost my remote
shutter release, but I didn’t know it until I got to Cumberland Falls
in Kentucky, ready to shoot the moonbow, and no remote. So,
everything there was 30 seconds, the max my camera will go without bulb.


3 thoughts on “July Challenge: Shutter Speed… Entry #2 Movin’ Out

  1. Wow Robin… that was quite a challenge shooting at a slow shutter speed with an f-stop of 29 and literally unable to see what you were shooting due to the dark filters. He is certainly a ghostly blur on your image. Very dramatic… and a lot of work, I might add!

  2. Robin,
    Cool!!! Thank you for sharing the details! I had to think about this a bit …..I now understand! Your efforts have paid off nicely. Excellent shot! You aced this one!!!!

  3. Robin,

    Your patience and ingenuity was well rewarded. Thank you for sharing the details, it is something to think about.
    Great job as always!

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