June Challenge: Crop Your Photo… Entry #10 I Lost My Head

This photo crop came to be, simply because I had some extra time on my hands and decided to play with a photo in the ribbet editor.

I had this photo from the White Rock Farmer’s Market. It was a quick snap as I was just trying to capture the flavor of the market and the things you might see there like… jewelry, bags, belts and other craft items.

I Lost My Head (Original) Photo by Fay-la-la

I Lost My Head
Photo by Fay-la-la

Fortunately, it was sharp enough that I could cropped into the most interesting part of the photo… the head, but it was still a blah photo with the distracting color of the blue tent behind as well as that pole coming out of her head. So… I took the pole out. But… it still needed something.

I Lost My Head (Cropped Image) Photo by Fay-la-la

I Lost My Head
(Cropped Image)
Photo by Fay-la-la

Time to play! I tried black and white, but that did not appeal to me, so I did selective coloring and then embellished it with the flowery graphic in the lower right corner, a grunge frame as well as text… and this is my final image.
I Lost My Head (Final Cropped Image) Photo by Fay-la-la

I Lost My Head
(Final Cropped Image)
Photo by Fay-la-la

All in all, I think it makes for a more interesting and quirky image.


14 thoughts on “June Challenge: Crop Your Photo… Entry #10 I Lost My Head

  1. Fay,
    Very interesting and most definitely quirky!!! Sounds like you had fun with this too!! Great job!!!

  2. What a lovely and necrophilic crop.

    “Off with its head” cried the Queen of Hearts. But it was saved, the head was. By the Red Queen. Who ran with it. Ran with the head. Too fast for death to catch her.

    Lala the Headless Thompson Gunner.

    With huge apology to Warren Zevon and Lewis Carrol, both of whom I’ve offended in mortitude. Not to mention the talented Ms Fay.

    • Robin… with your warped sense of humor and writing skills, you must write a book! Not sure what it might be about but I can guarantee it would be a page turner! Thanks for the compliment (I think) on the “lovely and necrophilic crop”! Hahahahaha!

      • Oh my, definitely a compliment. Just with a stream of consciousness – barely conscious apparently – ramble following.

      • I just heard something on the news that redheads are on the verge of becoming extinct! Seriously! So now I am on a mission to save the red heads. After all, I’ve tried to save the dolphins, the elephants, the honeybees, the rhinos, etc, etc, etc!

      • Trust me on this. I have inside knowledge. Gingertops are far more important to our environment, our government, our economy, our very existence as a species on this planet, than any whistling dolphin or groaning whale. Elephants spew milk through their noses. Honeybees create sugar that causes strokes among human animals, and probably Parkinsons, maybe even polio and malaria – not proven, I’ll give you that, but check it out. Rhinos? Who the “F” cares? Google it, you can prove anything with google. Tell google that “Robin sent me”.

  3. Hahahaha!!!! I missed this conversation.

    Yes Robin, you need to write a book.

    Lala, this is beautiful and I love the flowery thing that you added to the left lower corner. Poor head though. 😛

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