June Challenge: Crop Your Photo… Entry #3 Little Ballerina

Marylin has been busy with dance photos of her grandniece…

“I chose to crop the original picture because both dancers were supposed to be
synchronized as a duo.  And, unfortunately they were not when I took the
shot.  On top of that, Marizel is my grandniece and I am partial to her
beautiful dancing moves.  As I have mentioned to you before, I use Marizel as
my ‘photography model’.   I point the camera at her and she just moves
naturally without having to give her any instructions.   She just turned 6
last Saturday, the day of the dance recital, and she has been dancing since
she was 3 years old.  A very proud grandaunt here!

Original Image (Photo by Marylin)

Original Image
(Photo by Marylin)

Cropped Image (Photo by Marylin)

Cropped Image
(Photo by Marylin)

By the way, I was sitting close to the back of the theater and I was using
an 80-400 lens with a tripod.  I was able to take some awesome action
pictures of the older and experienced dancers so it was a great photography
shooting practice for me.  It is extremely hard to work with the lighting in
a theater and the action that goes on around the stage.  But again, a great
experience for a professional photographer wannabe.” 🙂


8 thoughts on “June Challenge: Crop Your Photo… Entry #3 Little Ballerina

  1. This crop is well done and I am surprised at the clarity of the photo taken from such a distance. Both girls are so cute but it does show how you can change your “focus” of attention. Well done, Marylin!

    • I agree with Fay. The clarity is wonderful. I like how the second photograph looks more focussed. Excellent control of exposure. You are on right track of going pro. Cheers. 🙂

  2. I agree with Fay, it’s well cropped, and very clear for such a long shot. Nice image. Nice dancer.

  3. ,Marylin,
    Lovely photo of your grandniece!! I can see why you are so proud of Marizel! Nice job of cropping!!

  4. Wonderful enhancement, Marilyn. All the better for seeing the Nutcracker star. Is that rail a working rail behind her or is it part of the backdrop?

  5. It’s amazing how you did this. And yes, the cropped image is so sharp and the color is even better.

    Very nice.

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