June Challenge: Crop Your Photo… Entry #1 Barcelona Beach

I got thinking about some basics as to how we can improve our images and something we have really not touched on is the ability to crop an image.

I find that I use cropping quite frequently as I have included too much in the frame taking away from the subject or I simply want to get in closer to focus on that subject.  Obviously when we crop, we must be aware of the fact that there is only so much cropping we can do before the image is degraded due to inadequate pixels or inadequate focusing but it can totally change our photos… in a good way.

We will kick off our latest challenge with photos from our newest member, Michelle.  As you may remember, Michelle likes to travel internationally and this beach shot was taken in Spain.

“Here is a shot I took on the beach in Barcelona….”

Barcelona Beach (original photo) Photo by Michelle

Barcelona Beach (original photo)
Photo by Michelle

Now when Michelle sent me this shot, I originally was concentrating on that strange structure on the beach and asked her about it and her response was…

Hey! So the structure was commissioned for the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.  It is called L’Estrel Ferit ( The wounded star or injured comet.  It is a homage to the Barceloneta borough which used to be the sailors quarters. ( Looked that up).  Don’t know the deeper history.  The original was not so great but once I cropped,  I was able to focus more closely on the surprise captured.”

Surprise captured?  What is she talking about?  On the cropped image I saw the couple on the left cropped out.

And then she went on to say: “Fantastic people watching beach, clearly all sorts of sizes and shapes, clothed and naked!”  HUH?

And here is the cropped version!

Barcelona Beach (cropped) Photo by Michelle

Barcelona Beach
Photo by Michelle

(Click on image to see larger!)

Hahaha!  The joke’s on me!!!  I never noticed!  And who says Michelle isn’t a CrAzY woman????  Michelle… you fit right in!  And of course we like the cropped version better!  Hahaha!  Next time… don’t be bashful… zoom right in!!  Hahahahaha!

Thanks Michelle for the entry!  It’s great to have you in the club!


9 thoughts on “June Challenge: Crop Your Photo… Entry #1 Barcelona Beach

  1. Michelle,
    Nice cropping on this photo!! Sounds like you are going to fit right in with us crazy women! Welcome to CWPC. Looking forward to seeing more of your interesting photos!!!

  2. Cropping was indeed an improvement. At first I thought a lot more cropping might be fun, but then I realized the naked ones I can identify don’t want to be cropped closely 🙂

  3. What a quirky shot I love knowing the info “behind” the photo! (No pun intended)! Love the sail boat in the distance and color of the umbrellas! Welcome! Great Entry!

  4. Michelle,
    Love this and your cropping and fixing the colors made it more beautiful. The structure is very interesting and the history behind. I’m not a fan of the naked man tho, he’s not a hot papa. Hahahaha

    Welcome and very nice entry.

  5. Thank you, Michelle, for NOT zooming right in as Fay suggested! I personally would have preferred the couple stay in if they were completely in the frame but since they were not your crop made it a cleaner image despite the buttocks! Interesting photo.

  6. Wow! This is the first time i submit and get feedback. i love it! Thank you all so much. Look through everyones works is a great inspiration.

    • We’re a friendly group here Michelle and look forward to your entries and comments as well. Once you start commenting, it will not need approval but will automatically show up.

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