May Challenge: Wildflowers… Entry # 11 Indian Blanket

Thank you to everyone who entered the May challenge. So many beautiful wildflowers! I guess the thing that I like about wildflowers is the fact that they are brutally stubborn and grow in some inhospitable places… such as alongside the road and seem to survive in spite of our lack of adequate rainfall.

One of my favorite wildflowers is the Indian Blanket. This shot is really quite simple but then I decided to add a little texture using the Ribbet photo editing site as well as a humorous quote (in the negative space).

Indian Blanket (Photo by Fay)

Indian Blanket
(Photo by Fay)

And then I tried putting together a collage of several wildflowers found at White Rock Lake.

Texas Wildflowers (Photo by Fay)

Texas Wildflowers
(Photo by Fay)

(Click on each photo to see larger)

Check out this link for wildflower identification.

What a great job Gary Regner has done!

I have added the link to the right side of the blog under “Helpful Links”.


12 thoughts on “May Challenge: Wildflowers… Entry # 11 Indian Blanket

  1. They are all delightful. And I love that quote. I’ve never dealt with an e-book, which I consider a good thing.

    • Thanks Robin! I do fear that books will become a thing of the past. I sit here surrounded by books and I find them to be comforting. When I was a young girl, my mother and I used to gather wildflowers and press them in a thick stack of books until they had dried.

  2. Fay,
    Wonderful variety of these beautiful wildflowers!!! You did such a nice job of presenting them too!!

  3. This is wonderful. I have quite a few pictures of wildflowers too, and this is such a great idea. Thank you for giving us all these concepts. The pictures are lovely too.

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