May Challenge: Wildflowers… Entry #5 Red Yucca

Looks like Robin W. (you know, the other Robin) is becoming passionate about her wildflower find… and rightfully so! It is drought tolerant and attracts hummers!! I think it’s about time for a planting party!

“Red Yucca is neither red nor yucca. It’s a pinkish bloomed agave. It’s native to Texas in the Edwards Plateau area through the Chihuahuan desert and does well here. I may add some along the south side of the house as the greatly disliked yaupon holly bushes die.”

Red Yucca  Neither Red nor Yucca (Photo by Robin W.)

Red Yucca
Neither Red nor Yucca
(Photo by Robin W.)


11 thoughts on “May Challenge: Wildflowers… Entry #5 Red Yucca

  1. OK… so you had me laughing with this one! And I am thinking you might have taken this up at the Raptor shoot? Love the way you caught the green foliage out of focus on the left side of the photo. Beautiful colors! Good luck with your garden!

  2. Thanks. Yes, it was behind the screech owls. I went out there, caught several images and (y’all will be pleased) a few chiggers.

  3. Love this flower…I want them at my house. Never knew what it was called until now. Thanks Robin (the other one)…great shot.

  4. Robin,
    Cool shot! I love the background in this too! Interesting to learn about this flower. I am all for native drought tolerant plants and flowers now! This looks so pretty and delicate and you captured it so nicely!

    • Thanks everyone. I know these will grow in my yard because I’ve seen a couple around here.

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