May Challenge: Wildflowers… Entry #3 Wildflower Collage

I was thrilled to get Debbie’s entry for this challenge and she made a lovely collage of wildflowers and included her dog. What a great idea!

“Sienna, our dachshund and I went out to snap pictures of wildflowers after our walk in the park this morning. I found the Indian Blanket, and I’m not sure what the white flower is. I used the links that Donna and Fay had provided but never could make up my mind what it was. The pictures of the bluebonnets were from last year and just had to include one of our precious Sienna.”

The unknown flower she is referring to is Queen Anne’s Lace. Though it looks delicate, it is tough as are most of the wildflowers that grow in Texas. I love to see a field of these blowing in the wind.

Wildflower Collage (Photo by Debbie)

Wildflower Collage
(Photo by Debbie)


13 thoughts on “May Challenge: Wildflowers… Entry #3 Wildflower Collage

  1. Debbie,
    What a beautiful collage!! Such a nice variety of pretty wildflowers!! The one of Sienna in the bluebonnets is precious…..needs definitely framed! You did such a wonderful job with this!!!

  2. Great job Debbie! You just did not submit one but kinds of wildflowers. And Sienna Ida bonus. She is so adorable.

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