April Challenge: Birds… Entry #9 Incoming

As usual… Lorraine always has a story to go with her photo…

“I really enjoy shooting…er…. I mean photographing birds! I find it can be such a challenge to get a decent shot. And it is sometimes disappointing to make many attempts without success. I learned to watch their behavior so that I might predict their movements.

For this challenge, the hardest part was trying to decide which photo I wanted to submit. I have photos of the pelicans, ducks and geese from White Rock Lake that I really love. I also have some shots of some ducks from Lake Ray Hubbard.

I keep coming back to this photo. This duck was landing on Lake Ray Hubbard and I just really like it. I entered it into the Rowlett photo contest back in September and also in the telephoto contest on Capture Dallas. I didn’t win either one of these; however, I did get Photo of the Day on Capture Dallas for this photo.

On the day I took this photo, the ducks would fly back and forth between two spots along the shoreline. I knew that if they took off from the farther spot they would land near me. I tracked the duck as it flew hoping to get a good shot of the landing.

I dream of being able to get a longer telephoto zoom lens so I can capture more wildlife. Especially skittish birds!”

Incoming (Photo by Lorraine)

(Photo by Lorraine)


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