April Challenge: Birds… Entry #8 Heck with the Crane

I think Donna was a bit frustrated that she could not get her intended bird…

“So here is my lame attempt at a bird shot, definitely not what I set out to take! I really wanted to get a new shot and not send one of the many I already had, as I wanted to be challenged. There is another pond close to home that I drive by all the time, not “my pond” of course. There is a crane who inhabits this pond and I thought “Birds” ok, I am going to shoot him!

Well needless to say the 5-6 times I drove to the pond, I swear he knew I wanted to shoot him and would play a sort of game with me! I would walk around and he would fly to the other side and so on and so on, every trip I took to the pond.

So here is the shot I finally landed upon! Aptly titled ‘Heck with the Crane’!”

Heck with the Crane (Photo by Donna)

Heck with the Crane
(Photo by Donna)


12 thoughts on “April Challenge: Birds… Entry #8 Heck with the Crane

  1. It’s a very nice duck. And if you squinty-up your eyeballs just right you might can see the crane in him.

  2. Nice picture. Sometimes I feel everything is against me when I’m trying to get the perfect shot. Love the duck

  3. Donna,
    I like this!!! I always enjoy shots of these ducks in flight. I like the details on its wings. As for the elusive crane, maybe one of these days it will allow you to get a decent shot! I have gotten so frustrated trying to get some shots of birds. Have had them come reasonably close to me and then when I grab my camera its like “I am outta of here!!!” Nice submission!

  4. We were thinking the same this challenge! I love it!
    Thanks for the nice comment!
    Yep birds are better shot in cages!

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