April Challenge: Birds… Entry #6 “Mary Lou Retton”

Robin W. (the other Robin) sends us this bird…

“I’m going to call this image “Mary Lou Retton”.
Retton won gold at the 1984 Olympic Gymnastic competition. Later she became the first woman on a box of Wheaties, obviously the ultimate sports accolade. So, she retired in 1985 at age 17.”

"Mary Lou Retton" (Photo by Robin W.)

“Mary Lou Retton”
(Photo by Robin W.)

Hahaha! Now the joke’s on me. I had no sooner posted this entry and then went to my e-mail to find a message from Robin saying:
“Too bad I didn’t find THIS sign for the “Sign” challenge” 🙂
And when I clicked on the picture I just knew I had to add it to her entry!
What can I say? Just another crazy woman!
Say What? (Photo by Robin W.)

Say What?
(Photo by Robin W.)


9 thoughts on “April Challenge: Birds… Entry #6 “Mary Lou Retton”

  1. Robin,
    I give this performance a perfect 10!!! Being a gymnast myself I always admired Mary Lou Retton. I also love seeing Duck Gymnastics! Nice and fun shots!

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