April Challenge: Birds… Entry #5 Toucan

Debbie dug into the archives to find this wonderful toucan…

“This was taken at the Dallas World Aquarium when we went in January 2013. Thought the Toucan was so pretty!”

Toucan (Photo by Debbie)

(Photo by Debbie)


7 thoughts on “April Challenge: Birds… Entry #5 Toucan

  1. I can still remember your face when you are trying to take a picture of this bird.😀 You did capture this well.

  2. Great Job Debbie, I love the colorful toucan too! When we traveled to Costa Rica I was so surprised to see them flying around the villa wild!
    Wish I was there to see your face!

  3. Oh my, that’s wonderful. I tried to capture this bird when I was there a few months ago but it was not cooperative. Lovely image.

  4. Debbie,
    This is a great shot! I remember when you took this! This bird was quite a character. He wasn’t the easiest to photograph either. I tried but my shots didn’t turn out well. Very nice submission Debbie!!

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