The Blood Moon Shines and Tess is Prostrated?

I tell you… the girl is crazy! Now, she was the one who told me about this celestial happening… the blood moon (total eclipse of the moon) but when I googled it, I found out she was a day off and fortunately I let her know; otherwise, total frustration or prostration would have set in at about 2AM!

It went through my mind that I should drag myself out of bed around 1:00AM and give it a shot but then reality struck and I decided it was pure nonsense, that surely someone would shoot it and save me the aggravation of going out in the chilly night air, so with that, I snuggled under my quilt and fell sound asleep.

And just today, I got an e-mail from Tess and she said I could share it with you.

“I was awake since 0100 this morning. I’m so tired right now. Anyways, woke up with my camera settings ready as the net recommended (M, ISO100, F11). OK, before I went to sleep the equipment was ready so I would be ready this morning.

So excited with the freezing 31degrees outside, bundled up, then ready to go outside. DUH! My settings did not work… I panicked that I sweat so bad. After tooooooo many tries (from manual to AV, TV, P, C and bulb), all did not work. I was so prostrated that I only have a few out of 500 something pics, the rest are all “delete, delete, delete”. Oh my! It was a disaster. Nick felt so sorry for me and worst that he cannot help. I was going in and out of the house to figure out what settings to do.

It was a little creepy when it totally went “Total Eclipse”, it’s like that you were in the movie.

Blood Moon (Photo by Tess)

Blood Moon
(Photo by Tess)

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Pretty much all of my pictures are not salvageable.

Tonight Nick called me from work and told me that the moon is beautiful. Took more pictures and after more than 100 something tries, I finally got a decent one.

Full Moon (Photo by Tess)

Full Moon
(Photo by Tess)

Why is it so hard to take a picture of some things? It was.

Crazy experience. Next time I will come prepared.

Lesson learned:
1. Never trust what the Internet says until you prove that what they are suggesting works.
2. Practice using the camera’s setting before trying to take a picture of the moon.
3. Be patient
4. Bundle up and use insect repellant.
5. Use tripod
6. The most important one… Eat before you hear your stomach growling with hunger. LMAO!”

NOTE TO ALL CRAZIES: To catch the next blood moon… mark your calendar for October 8, 2014!


11 thoughts on “The Blood Moon Shines and Tess is Prostrated?

  1. I think your photos turned out beautiful Tess and bravo to you for getting up so early when you had to go to work in the morning. Now that’s CrAzY! Of course you were “prostrated”!

  2. Hahahaha… Funny comments.
    Thank you Lala for posting.
    Yes, I still need a mosquito repellant, there’s a lot here of mosquitoes here in the booniland. 😃

  3. Thanks for staying up to get the images, which allowed me to sleep away in my nice warm nest. Excellent image of the eclipse.

    Funny, “Blood Moon” is a religious term and i don’t recall it being widely used to describe a full lunar eclipse before. Maybe it’s because of that book…

    • Thanks Robin. Hopefully we will witness the next 3 more blood moons, and when it happen, I will come prepared….. Even if I will call in the next day. Hahahaha.

  4. Nice photos Tess!
    “A Great Adventure in Photography!”

    I considered setting up and trying to get a shot then headed straight to bed no energy! At 3:30 a my pups had to go out, so I hap-hazardly grabbed a blanket, wrapped it around me, and my camera and headed out! Only for about 5-10 shots, hand held of course, only to see the crescent part of the moon. After looking at the poor quality pictures I headed back to bed! Guess I follow your to do list in October! 😴

  5. Tess,
    I can just picture you running in and out of the house to get your shot of the full lunar eclipse before it went away!!!

  6. I tell you Lorraine, it was crazy, crazier than me. LOL. It was a creepy feeling during the total blood moon. It seems like you were in the other planet. Hope this October that we are joing to witness it. I will not sleep for it is a Saturday. 😀

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