March Challenge: Signs… Entry #14 Wildlife Rd.

A special thank you to everyone who entered the sign challenge. You captured a great variety and it was fun! Our next challenge will be to shoot birds and I look forward to seeing what you find.

Following this submission, I will be showing some photos of butterflies that you may have taken at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden and will be featuring one of our members. For those of you who made it there and want to share your butterfly images, please send them my way if you have not done so already.

I will end this challenge with one from the Men’s Auxillary… from Lorraine’s husband, Mike. Mike is an avid photographer and if you will refer back to Lorraine’s entry for the challenge, she did make mention of his bird on a sign that he had taken in the past. Mike said I could post it along with his explanation, and I think we can learn a lot from his explanation. Technology has improved our chances of getting the best shot possible over the years.

“This is the photo of the bird on the street sign that Lorraine mentioned to you. I took this at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge in April of 1994. It isn’t the sharpest image as I took it hand-held with a budget 500mm lens without image stabilization. It was taken on 100 ISO film and the lens is f/8 when wide open, so I figure the shutter speed was no faster than 1/250th S. I still play with the lens occasionally, but it is manual focus and manual aperture. I have to open the aperture manually to see to focus then close it back down to shoot.”

Wildlife Rd. (Photo by Mike)

Wildlife Rd.
(Photo by Mike)

Thanks Mike for sending this our way!


27 thoughts on “March Challenge: Signs… Entry #14 Wildlife Rd.

  1. Very nice. Thanks for the explanation Mike. What a coincidence that the sign is the current monthly challenge and the bird is the next…. You can resubmit this for next months challenge…. Poor Fay-la-la, she will go nuts 😱

  2. Fay, thanks for allowing me to share my photo here. Technology has really changed since I bought my film SLR. It sure is nice being able to use a 3-4 stop slower shutter speed with image stabilization or bumping up the ISO if needed.

      • NISD tomorrow. Affectionately known as Tripods Suck Because They’re Heavy To Carry Around day (TSBTHTCA).

        Hey, seriously, that 70-300 Tamron I have has some seriously impressive IS. Once it locks on it’s like my hands become a tripod, my old lady shakes just disappear.

      • Maybe I should go back to Haggerman tomorrow and try to get a better shot in celebration of NISD. I wish I had a stuffed bird in case a live one doesn’t show up. Someone once said I should stuff my wildlife but I ignored their advice.

      • Hmmm. So, Mike, is that why that bird on the sign is so SHARP? Stuff it indeed… 🙂

  3. Love the submission Mike! Too sweet not to share! Perfect photo for the transition from the sign challenge to birds! Happy shooting all!

  4. Oh my… all are just too funny!!! What great timing for a bird to land on that sign! I have seen Mike shoot with film over the years. Learning about photography now and what all is involved with the various settings, I just couldn’t imagine shooting well with film!

      • I’m in agreement with Robin. Those were the days of 24 or 36 exposures and you were pretty much stuck with whatever ISO the film was until it was completed, photos were stored in a box or album, you waited at least a week to get your photos back from the processor and they were usually awful and most of the time you had no idea why (was it the camera settings or the way the photos were processed?), and it was expensive. If you did not have an affinity to spend hours in the dark room exposed to chemicals to get a couple prints, you were pretty much stuck. And how much can you experiment taking photos when you are talking about 24 or 36 exposures?

      • I had a black and white darkroom setup, processed the film and then made prints. Never got a thing worth keeping. Ansel Adams I ain’t!

  5. I would never want to go back to just film, but I have to admit that I have a roll of B&W film sitting here just waiting for me to find a subject on which I want to use it.
    I shot mostly 35mm transparencies (slides) so that my photos were not effected by the decisions made by the print lab. I never had a problem with the labs processing of my slide film and prints from slides are more likely to come out as you intended because they have your transparency as an example. I never had and never will have the equipment to be able to make my own prints but I did develop and print B&W a couple of times using friends equipment. I had a few prints made from my slides, but I almost always considered my work done when I pressed the shutter release to expose the film. There is some satisfaction in getting the image you were after when post processing is not an option.
    Digital brought the cost way down on a lot of features that were available for film cameras. I love the EXIF data available now, but data backs were available for film cameras that stored the important data. Nikon currently sells the F6 film camera which stores shooting data. Taking hundreds of images on a flash card is great, but you could shoot 750 on a roll with Nikon’s MF-2 Magazine back. See this youtube video:
    You could even get a Polaroid back that let you preview your shot, but digital blows film away on that feature. And image stabilization is typically a function of the lens and works for film on a compatible camera.
    Film can be better than digital IF you can get the shot and have what it takes to produce a good print. I don’t know if I’ll get anything useable from my roll of B&W film, but I thought I would give it a shot… or 36 shots.

    • Interesting commentary indeed! I too shot slide film years ago when I joined a local photo club as they would show our slides for competitions. And you are right… you were closer to getting the intended image that way. I have boxes of slides I have not looked at in 25 or 30 years. I must pull them out someday to see what is there! It has been so long that I don’t even remember!

      Thanks Mike for sharing so much information with the crazies! I so much appreciate your talent and sharing it with us!!

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