March Challenge: Signs… Entry #13 Hungry and Thirsty, and Need to Relax

I had a lovely phone call today from Marylin as well as her sign entry and a bird for the next challenge.  The gal is on a roll!

This is what she had to say…

“Sorry about the delay in sending you something.  After a month of  obstacles, I was able to shoot a couple of pictures.  I am sure everyone will notice that the ones I chose for the March Challenge show that I was hungry, thirsty, and needed to relax. LOL.

Grandy's (Photo by Marylin)

(Photo by Marylin)

I took the first picture when I arrived at the restaurant Fish Shack, in Plano.  Excellent food!  It is right next to a Grandy¹s.  The sun was just setting at that time.  Then, when I went inside the restaurant, I saw the sign of the beer and I decided to have one while I waited for the take out.  Excellent beer also!

Ziegen Bock (Photo by  Marylin)

Ziegen Bock
(Photo by Marylin)

Then, before leaving the restaurant, my grandniece decided to pose for me.  As you have mentioned before, she is an excellent modelŠ..and she is only 5 years old!”

(Photo by Marylin)

(Photo by Marylin)

Thanks Marylin for your fun entries!


5 thoughts on “March Challenge: Signs… Entry #13 Hungry and Thirsty, and Need to Relax

  1. OK Marilyn, a couple of beer could help me right now, so stresses at work…. (Wish I’m retired). Where is this place again? Plano? That is too far…. I’m a cheapy, I will just pass by at Wally World.. LOL

    I’m glad that your mom is getting better.

    Your grandniece? She is adorable.

    Lala….when are you going to post the pictures at the butterfly garden of the four of us with Marylin?

    I’m getting hungry AGAIN that you are talking about food Maylin.

  2. Fun collection of shots, love the theme! The color is great on the Grandy’s sign! Who knew shooting the sign would make such an interesting shot! FUN!

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