March Challenge: Signs… Entry #12 Out of the Ashes

This entry is from Diana…

Well, late again.   I went out to get a nice bird picture for the April challenge, but the wind was blowing and no birds were out. I decided to still make a short outing of it and got some great shots of my dogs, some flowers, and the clouds and trees. On my outing I went by the church down the road that sparked a memory, so I snapped a picture of their sign. I called it “Out of the Ashes”.

Here is the story behind this picture……
Several years ago, while working as a volunteer firefighter, we got a call about a structure fire. It was just down the street from me, so I bolted out the door and met my fellow firefighters there with the truck. Since it was in the wee hours of the morning, there were no people in the structure…….fortunately no one was injured. I geared up and made my way, with the help of other firefighters, into the burning building. As things began to go from bad to worse, we evacuated the building and we into control and contain mode. The roof collapsed in a huge plume of smoke and glowing ash. I carefully added water to the only this that was left standing…..the sign.  The owner and his wife came to the scene, and through tears they vowed to rebuild. This building housed the small congregation of The Center Point Christian Church. As I waked through the smolder debris, among Hymn books, bibles, and charred pews, I thought of all the saved souls that have entered its doors.  This picture is the same sign that I carefully hosed down… still stands today, in front of the rebuilt church…..that is filled to it’s little capacity every Sunday.
Out of the Ashes (Photo by Diana)

Out of the Ashes
(Photo by Diana)



8 thoughts on “March Challenge: Signs… Entry #12 Out of the Ashes

  1. Diana,
    What a wonderful story. Thank you for being a being a volunteer firefighter. You guys are vital to the society.

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