Happy Birthday Tess!

We interrupt this challenge for a birthday greeting.

Make no mistake! Tess is certified CrAzY! But I must add… she is one lovable crazy woman who means no harm! If it makes us laugh… she’s on it!

So today on your special day, we wish you a very Happy Birthday!
We’ll see if we can get you out of prison so you can party like a CrAzY woman! Hahahahahaha!

Happy Birthday Tess!

Happy Birthday Tess!


22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tess!

  1. Tess,
    I have no doubt in my mind that you can break out of that prison and celebrate your special day!! Just don’t get into too much mischeif!! I hope you are having a wonderful birthday!!!! Watch out everyone……there is a celebrating crazy woman on the loose!!!!!!!

  2. Tess, turn that stereo down or I’m calling the police!!!

    So happy birthday already. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • NO NO NO Robin, I don’t want to turn the radio down. This is my only sign of civilization here in the boonies. LOL

      Thanks Robin.

      • Loud and obnoxious noise coming from somewhere out in the boonies, sounds like a birthday party. Some woman is screaming and sounds like she’s dancing naked on a table, too. O my gotta go, someone pounding on my door hollerin’ ” at me. I have my Glock ready, have gun, will answer.

      • Don’t be afraid, help is on the way… Keep the trigger safety of your gun on….. If worst comes to worst, aim to the center of the chest. If you have a shotgun with an eight gauze bullet, use it instead as it has a greater accuracy that you will hit the crazies.

        You are a strong crazy woman, you can do it. 😆

      • Sadly, my largest shotgun gauge is 12. I tried that, shot my front door to splinters – and it’s steel. Drew my Glock 9mm and covered myself. Emptied two 17 round magazines, Smoke rose. After careful recon, with careful self-cover, I noticed your purse laying on my front step. I hope I didn’t frighten you too much 😦

    • Things are not getting worse, they’re getting interesting!!! (OOPS, duck there’s a Tess behind that rock, I’ll pick her off if you’ll draw her fire.)

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