March Challenge: Signs… Entry #3 “nuff said”

This next entry is from crazy woman Carol in Washington, DC.

“I was on an out & about in Fredericksburg, Va one Sunday afternoon a while back shooting photos of street musicians when I stumbled upon this “no need to explain little shop”. Couldn’t help but chuckle as I’m sure many have. Just happy thus far that I have not had to hear these words come out of my kids mouth!”

"nuff said" (Photo by Carol)

“nuff said”
(Photo by Carol)

16 thoughts on “March Challenge: Signs… Entry #3 “nuff said”

  1. Carol,

    This is too funny. I’m glad that I’m not a
    mom, for I want to try to go there… Inside…. Just to visit and look for nice tattoo designs, of course with Fay-la-la. 😎

    Thanks for sharing this crazy tattoo parlor.

      • That sounds like a plan. I would also want Lorraine to join us. Lala’s tattoo is “CrAzY” on the forehead, Lorraine’s “CerTifiEd CrazY”, you can choose what you like and mine is gonna be “InOceNt”. How about that Lala and Lorraine? LMAO.

        Miss you woman.

  2. Hey ladies there’s a great little Irish Pub I discovered around the corner from this place, we could go there before we get everyones tattoos, oh yeah then we’ll have to rename the place ” Sorry Kids Tattoo” hahahaha!
    Love you ladies
    Crazy Carol 🙂

  3. Carol,
    We all miss you so much. Your sign made me laugh out loud. Love it. Maybe we should all plan a photo shoot to visit Carol. Think of the trouble we could get into. OMG. Great picture

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