March Challenge: Signs… Entry #1 Boring, Oregon

This month’s challenge is to shoot a sign of interest. We live in a world inundated with signs and the more you see, the more you will find to shoot. Sometimes we take them for granted but life becomes more interesting when you take notice of and shoot what others may totally overlook. I think we will be having fun with this one!

Boring Oregon City (Photo by Sassy)

Boring Oregon City
(Photo by Sassy)

“The most exciting place to live.”

Sassy was on it and the first to send me a sign. She had me laughing from the “git go”!

“Oh lordy Fay, you are really settin yourself up for this one with me aintcha? It’s a highway sign for this an off ramp to a town here in my area. The name of the town is called, are ya ready for this?, ok swallow that drink real quick, don’t want you to spew it all over your computer screen…… Boring, Oregon!  And yes it lives up to its name.”

Now when I googled Boring, Oregon, I found that the locals call it…
“the most exciting place to live.”  I guess maybe that’s a personal thing.

Thank you Sassy for getting this challenge kicked off with another one of your fun photos!


12 thoughts on “March Challenge: Signs… Entry #1 Boring, Oregon

  1. Oh my! As soon as I’ve seen the sign, I asked Mr. Google right away. I wonder if Union veteran William H. Boring whom this town was named was a boring person? Was he the opposite of it that he was “The most interesting person”?. How about that neighboring town called Dull, Oregon? Is this town sharp and bright? LOL.

    Nice capture of the boring sign Sassy.😄

  2. I would have been laughing, and the image would have been blurred. Or maybe you used a tripod?

    Total funny! 🙂

  3. Nope no tripod. I’ve loved in the area for 22 years. I’m done laughing. I’d rather live in Boring, Oregon than Toad suck Arkansas.

  4. Ya know Tess, I’m not sure who the town is named after, however there is a family with the last name of Boring in the Damascus Pioneer Cemetery. I think I have some photos of the marker on my laptop. I will check once we are settled.

  5. Ya’ll are so crazy. I love the sign. Wish I would have had an entry. I saw one but it was too late. Great job Sassy

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