February Challenge: Quotes… Entry #10 By Fay-la-la

I dug into the archives for this photo. Actually I had thought it was for the rubbish pile as when I had taken it, my sensor was dirty and there were spots all over the sky. Back then, I did not know how to correct this on the computer but hung onto the photo anyway as it was the only one I had taken from this perspective.

Fast forward years later and I took the photo into Lightroom and removed the offensive spots in the sky and tweaked it a bit and managed to salvage the photo and then found this quote which I thought was appropriate.
(Click on photo to enlarge)

Photo by Fay/Lala

Photo by Fay/Lala


27 thoughts on “February Challenge: Quotes… Entry #10 By Fay-la-la

  1. Excellent, Fay! Very likable, and I DO like. I’m ending my day down here on the Gulf coast in Palacios (a place all about ships and boats) where I’m working this week but unlike many previous years of nice, sunny weather we are having cold, rainy days for our student competition. Having some great fun though. Thanks for the February challenge and thanks to all the ladies who made it possible. Hope we can have closer to a 100% participation for the next challenge. Participation makes everything more enjoyable.

    • Thanks rebeKah! So… I am assuming we might be seeing some ships and boats in the near future? Texas weather is crazy!! And you are right… the more who participate, the more fun! Learning is doing!

  2. Fay,
    Very nice! I really like the peaceful feel to the image and what a meanuful quote!! Looks like you did a great job of cleaning up this image!

    I do have a concern. You and Tess have gone beyond crazy and I am concerned about your safety! This talk of Tess making life risking climbs while you stand by shooting her demise is totally nuts! I must intervene and call Adult Protective Services today!!! 🙂

  3. This image is so lovely, so New England. I’m astounded you thought it was in the trash heap and so happy you eventually understood your error in that judgement.

  4. Amazing! This photo inspired me so much so that I have looked into booking a room in September for our anniversary!

    • Fantastic Carol! A lovely time of year to visit the northwest. When we stayed there, they gave us flashlights so we could wander up to the lighthouse at night. Don’t know if they still do that or not but the Oregon coast is spectacular!

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