February Challenge: Quotes… Entry #7 By Donna

This next entry is from Donna…
“I found the quote first and then came the picture!
When driving around town, I am always thinking as I look at the view how I wish I could stop and take pictures!”

Photo by Donna

Photo by Donna


11 thoughts on “February Challenge: Quotes… Entry #7 By Donna

  1. What a perfect pairing of photo and quote along with your comment! I like this done in black and white and your negative space is ideal for placing the quote.

  2. Donna,
    How true! Great quote that goes along so well with your very nice image! I think we should have “scenic turn out” areas on our urban roads! Not too much to ask!? 🙂 Well done!

  3. These poles and wires always seem to be a blight in my images but you great photogs give them such artistry and appeal like this it challenges me to try and make it happen sometime. Confucius said, “pull over on the shoulder and snap a photo or two”? The very Confucius of 551–479 BC or a different one?

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