February Challenge: Quotes… Entry #6 By Linda

The next entry is from Linda and this is what she shared with me…
“This is a photo I took last fall in Arkansas and the text is the last two lines of a sonnet I wrote years ago.”
(Click on photo to enlarge)

Photo and Quote by Linda

Photo and Quote by Linda


7 thoughts on “February Challenge: Quotes… Entry #6 By Linda

  1. Great content photo, Linda. Your quote is worthy of standing out better as it blends in with the background and is more challenging to see than if it were in brown/black or maybe fall orange/yellow. I rarely see the flag with so much foliage around it so yours has a freshness/newness about it which you captured in a most perfect position. Very likable image!

  2. Love this a lot and the quote. I love taking pictures of the flag, but never had like this one with green foliage like rebeKah had mentioned.

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