February Challenge: Quotes… Entry #4 By Carol

I would like all you crazies to welcome Carol to the CWPC. She has been following along for sometime and about the time she found out about the CWPC, she was in the process of moving from Texas to Washington, DC. She is now settled in but has not been able to find a photo group quite like this crazy group of women and will be joining us from afar.

Carol… it is great to have you join us! For those of you who do not know Carol, scroll down to find her photo and bio on the left side of the blog.

She has sent along this wonderful photo and quote to share with us…
Also… check out this inspiring video she has sent our way:


7 thoughts on “February Challenge: Quotes… Entry #4 By Carol

  1. Carol,
    Your picture is amazing. I want to visit there sometime. Your video was inspiring. The time lapse pictures were amazing and beautiful. So glad your keeping in touch with us thru CWPC. We miss you

    • Thanks Deb. I keep telling everyone my door is always open my place is small but my heart is big and everyone is welcome. Love your photo!

  2. Carol welcome aboard the CRAZY ride so glad you have joined us on the monthly challenge! This is a beautiful photo! LOVE the blue sky!

  3. Carol,
    This is a killer! It’s so beautiful with the perfect formation of everything. It looks like you arranged all your subjects by hand to your liking.
    Welcome to CWPC, it was sad that you need to move but I’m happy for you. We miss you.

  4. Carol,
    Welcome back!!! Its a fantastic photo! I imagine there is quite some interesting places and things to shoot near you! Looking forward to seeing more of your great photos!

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