January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #4 Pine Needles

I know Tess has been busy lately and amazingly enough she only sent one entry my way. She took this during our ice storm and it is interesting to see it in both color and then in black and white. Thanks Tess for saving me some decision making!

Pine Needles (Photo by Tess)

Pine Needles
(Photo by Tess)

Pine Needles (Photo by Tess)

Pine Needles
(Photo by Tess)


10 thoughts on “January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #4 Pine Needles

    • Thanks Lala. I was sick the next day after I went around the house to look for pretty subjects during that extreme cold day, but it was worth it.😃

  1. It’s always good seeing your stuff, Tess, and having your presence. I’m enjoying these ice shots as it does not give me the chills like it does others. I hope you enter a Lady Liberty. I just shot mine today which happened unexpectedly while submitting my entries for the Richardson contest. I was planning on shooting the lady near my neighborhood and still may try to get another shot. I think it would be great if we also got a shot of ourselves with the lady like Fay did. All the best. Miss you at CD.

    • Thanks rebeKah. Have taken a picture of Lady Liberty Precious with Lala but was not able to post it. I’m crazy busy at work and so stressed. I will join the CD meet up whenever my time permits. I need to unwind sometime, and being with the crazy photo club is the best way to unwind.

  2. Tess,
    Coool image! (pun intended)……I think it looks great in black and white!! Hopefully work will slow down and you will be able to spend more time being a crazy woman photographer!

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