January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #3 Q-tips

This next entry is from Robin Z. and she wrote…

“Dearest Fay-la-la,

Attached is my submission for January. This was hard for me. I’m not good with Photoshop, so I called my son, Christopher, so he could walk me through converting a color photo to B&W.

What is whiter than cotton? However, when photographed in color, the hue is more peachy than white. Converting it to B&W, brings what the eye sees as white to white in the photograph.”

Q-tips (Photo by Robin Z.)

(Photo by Robin Z.)


7 thoughts on “January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #3 Q-tips

  1. Not just that it solved a problem, it’s a really really creative idea. I always try to remember: Simplify. Then simplify. And then simplify again. This is pretty close to ultimate simplify. Love it.

  2. Qt idea! A+. Did you toss them and/or pick them up? I very much like re-purposing things but this takes an even better angle in that you get to “re-use” them for their intended purpose even after using them for this b/w challenge. Ha! May I just insert here that I’ve just arrived home on a day that has unexpectedly turned into a photo shoot of a day. When I left out early this morning my mission was car repair, errands, events, etc. without any thought for photography and it seems the entire day has turned out to be one long, unplanned photo shoot! That admonishment about always having your camera with you has kept me busy shooting.

  3. I love this. It takes something mundane and turns it into abstract art. It really demonstrates how you can look at anything in a creative way and it changes your perspective. Very cool idea!

  4. Thank you…thank you…thank you all for the encouraging words. rebeKah…I literally just dropped than on the counter. I didn’t even readjust anything. I am an “over-thinker” by nature and like Robin (the other one) said, simplify. I just let them ‘be’. I only took two shots and this was actually the very first one. i love being part of this group. I learn from each of you every time Fay-la-la posts a photo.

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