January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #3 Cooling Tower

I got this e-mail from Sassy up in Oregon:

“Fay, you really need to get out of my head, LOL. Just this morning I was talking to my husband Rob and was telling him that it’s too bad it’s too foggy to shoot the old street car tressle, and that it would look really good in black and white.  Also told him I am going to shoot a few things in black and white this year, just need to find something that grabs my attention.”

Honestly, I didn’t know I was getting into her head but I do like the way she is thinking.  Sassy also made the suggestion for a future challenge to shoot something historic in your area and I thought that was brilliant and we will plan that for sometime in the spring, so put that one in the back of your head.  Now Sassy is getting into your head too!

And sort of along that line, Sassy has sent an interesting piece of history for her black and white submission.

“Here is my entry for the black & white challenge. It is the cooling tower of the now non-existent Trojan Nuclear power plant in Rainer, Oregon. It was in operation from the early 70’s until the late 1990’s when Portland General Electric commissioned it. This photo was taken just days before the tower was imploded in 2006.”

Cooling Tower (Photo by Sassy)

Cooling Tower
(Photo by Sassy)

To read more about this, check out: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trojan_Nuclear_Power_Plant


9 thoughts on “January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #3 Cooling Tower

  1. Thanks gals. My dad worked for the power company that owned the plant. He spent a lot if time at the power plant through the years.

    Lorraine. If you do a search on YouTube of “Implosion of Trojan Cooling tower. March 2006.” You will probably find some video of it.

  2. As for the historical shoot idea, ya’ll know I live here in Oregon. Let me now be more specific, I live literally 5 minutes from the End of The Oregon Trail in Oregon City, Oregon. There is no end to the photo ops of historical places here in OC. And in the surrounding area. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

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