January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #2 Friends

It was only logical to follow Lorraine’s entry with this entry from Robin W… you know, the other Robin…


Parades don’t so much flow smoothly, they more lurch along, sometimes stopping. This image occurred when the parade stopped briefly. One horse turned to the other, and they faced each other briefly.
My anthropomorphization:

Horse on left: “Are you okay?”
Horse on right: “Yes, just a little tired. Thanks for asking.”

Friends (Photo by Robin W.)

(Photo by Robin W.)

Friends (Photo by Robin W.)

(Photo by Robin W.)

14 thoughts on “January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #2 Friends

  1. So Robin… is this a test? You know… how do you spell “anthropomorphization”? I give you an A+ for your spelling as well as your story and photos! You caught these horses in perfect position for a quiet conversation! Only a CrAzY woman would overhear this exchange of words between two horses. Well done!

  2. Robin,
    Very well captured!! As you may know I really love horses! This is such a heartwarming shot and you combined a good eye with great timing to get this lovely shot!! I keep coming back to look at this photo……I cannot get enough of this wonderful shot!! 🙂

    • Thank you Lorraine. It was one of those things where you shoot as quickly as you can before the moment – the instant really – disappears.

  3. ……. Horse on left: come on we can do this, teamwork as people says.
    Horse on right: thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it…..😊

    It’s beautiful Robin.

  4. As usual, very entertaining all around. And well photographed. I also like Tess’s “teamwork” thought. I say they’re putting their heads together about what to do after the parade!

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