January Challenge: Black and White

This challenge will showcase our first attempts at choosing to present our image in black and white.  Some photos just seem better in black and white.  I immediately think of architectural shots, portraits, graphic shots with strong lines and I’ve sometimes turned a photo to b&w when I simply could not get the color to look right and thereby have salvaged the shot.  And the great part of it all…  you do not have to shoot in black and white but can later change your color image to b&w using Lightroom, photoshop or by using many of the free editing programs available on line.  I’ve used both the Fotor (http://www.fotor.com/) and the Ribbet (http://www.ribbet.com/) sites in the past and have found these to be easy to work with.

The first entry to hit my computer was from Lorraine and it blew me away!!!  Once again Lorraine has managed to beautifully combine her photo with a story but this story will touch your heart.  I do think that photography is uncovering Lorraine’s hidden talents and I applaud what she does.  I have known Lorraine for quite a long time through work, but never knew of her creative talents until she joined the club.

But… enough from me.  You be the judge.

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