January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #1 “It’s What Was, Not What Is”

This submission is from Lorraine…

Visits With My Best Friend

I can see her head protruding through the barn window.
I see her curious eyes fill with excitement as she catches a glimpse of me.
Moving closer, my heart feels so joyful as I approach my best friend.

The Kansas breeze gently blows her thick dark mane.
She is so beautiful, she is so tame.

We embrace and  she softly nudges me.
Yes, my friend, I brought your treats.

I can  hear the sound of the brush bristles gliding along her smooth body.
I can see  her light golden hair reflecting in the sun.
I can smell her sweet sweat mixed in with the hay.

I can feel her strong smooth body underneath me as  I ride bareback into the sunset.
Our movements are well synchronized. We were meant for one another.
As she gallops along, I can hear the calming sound of  her hoofs pounding against the dirt below.

It’s morning now and I head out the door.
I can feel the deep chill of the bitter and strong northern wind as  I step through the heavy snow.
I have an important job. The water trough is frozen.
I can feel the pain in my hands as I break up the ice and make water available.
It’s okay though. Its all about my best friend.

Now back at  the barn where we have spent so many hours together.
I gently stroke her nose and tell her my secrets, my feelings, my worries and my fears.
She remains so calm and lends me her listening ear.

She is so understanding, so patient, so calming.
I am at peace as she fills my heart with comfort and joy.
She is Ginger, my very best friend!


I took this photo on a recent visit back home. This was my horse’s barn behind my home in Kansas. Ginger was my first and only horse. During very difficult times, while I was in high school,I spent many hours at this barn with Ginger.

Whenever I go home to Kansas, I go out to this barn and spend some time. It evokes so many memories. I am glad that I am involved in photography now and had the sense to photograph this! It’s very old. The house was built around 1917 and the barn was already present when we moved in, in the early 70’s. I like this in B&W because it emphasizes age, but it also seems to help to free the mind to imagine this as it once was. The barn is ever so slowly decaying, but the memories will always remain the same.

"It's What Was, Not What Is" (Photo by Lorraine)

“It’s What Was, Not What Is”
(Photo by Lorraine)


18 thoughts on “January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #1 “It’s What Was, Not What Is”

  1. OMG! Your talent is beyond words. Poetry and photography is a combination of great talent and you have it all. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

    • Tess,
      Thank you!! I appreciate your nice comments!! I would love to have another horse!! Oh my…..crazy woman loose on a horse!!! At least I have some wonderful memories and now have some photos to go along with them!

  2. Great photo and agree it is very thought evoking seeing it in black and white.
    Also inspiration for a novice like me . . . . will have to download the instructions for my new camera to try and keep up with you and everyone else!

  3. When you sent this to me, it brought a tear to my eye and I found it to be so touching. I looked at your photo and in my mind I could picture a horse standing there waiting for you. So beautifully done and your writing and photography compliment each other. As you well know, I am a sucker for stories that go with photos.

  4. Lorraine wonderful sentiment within the picture and poem!
    You are right it is so important to catch these images before they become only memories! Really nice!

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