Annual Challenge: Shoot the Same Thing All Year… My Tree

Tess has outdone herself and only sent me one photo for her annual challenge but it seems that it has sent her in circles documenting “My Tree”!

My Tree (Photo by Tess)

My Tree
(Photo by Tess)


12 thoughts on “Annual Challenge: Shoot the Same Thing All Year… My Tree

  1. So I must admit, it sent me checking my e-mail repeatedly, thinking I had missed four other of your e-mails. Certainly an interesting presentation with all the circles and it definitely shows the change of seasons on your tree, but my favorite shot is the one with the donkeys by the tree.

    • Thanks Lala. The one with donkeys is my favorite too. The brown donkey is Susie and the white on is Kate. If they can use a camera, they can be a member of CWPC, for they are crazy. 😊

  2. Nice job Tess interesting layout! I too like the photo with the donkeys, and find the foggy picture intriguing! Great Job!!

    Happy New Year and Happy shooting in 2014!

  3. Love the presentation of your photos in the circular design, which highlights the changes of the scene over a year’s time.

  4. Tess,
    What a nice job you did with this challenge!!! Your tree has so much character and the area around it looks very nice as well. I really like the shots that include the pond as well as having Susie and Kate in the photo! I like how you did your collage with the circles! I would love to sit under that tree with a good book and a big glass of ice tea! Or…….maybe hang my hoop from it !!! (Ha Ha) Well done Tess!

    • Thanks a lot for the kind comments Lorraine. You can come and visit my tree only if you will bring your hoop and instead of ice tea, you will have a big BOTTLE of wine with me. We will invite all crazy women who can join us. Hahahaha!

  5. You got a huge variety of images, that’s so nice. The design is so wonderful, congratulations, it’s just great.

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