Annual Challenge: Shoot the Same Thing All Year… Urban Landscape

This next annual challenge was submitted by Donna…

“Here are 4 pictures taken over the year of my “Urban Landscape.” I can honestly say that I wish I had taken more shots throughout the year. I loved looking at the different views but found that a different subject probably would have been more interesting.

In the last photo on the bottom left there was construction taking place and I found it a bit sad when I noticed that “my” landscape was being altered by it’s urban location. However, they only put in a helipad for the new emergency room to the right of this landscape. All the construction is now gone, whew…my little piece of country still exists in spite of the local growth.”

Urban Landscape (Photo by Donna)

Urban Landscape
(Photo by Donna)


16 thoughts on “Annual Challenge: Shoot the Same Thing All Year… Urban Landscape

  1. Donna,

    It’s amazing that you have a totally four deferent images of the same subject in the same angle.
    My favorite is the sunset, or is it sunrise? I like the little fog in the left side although the development behind is a sad distraction.
    I want to make a year long challenge again like this for this coming year of a another tree or a structure. I love this idea so much. Thanks Lala.
    Good job Donna!

    • Tess, I came late to this game so have nothing. I’m thinking like you, though, maybe I’ll do one on my own this year. — — Probably not, without the threat of embarrassment from y’all for not finishing my homework I’ll – well, ya know… I’m lazy.

      • Your making me LMAO Robin…. You always have good ideas, so I’m not surprised for you to have your own fabulous year long challenge next year. I was lazy too with this year’s challenge, and did not really did my very best. Well, crazy and lazy sounds like it rhymes which make sense for us crazies. LOL

    • Thanks Tess I am going to take you up on that challenge come January! Robin and I talked about it at Church! Sounds like the other Robin is in too!

  2. What Tess said. They’re so contrasted. I expect everyone’s favorite will be the sunset. And, I’m happy you included the construction machinery image, by itself it would have not been impressive, but in this context it produces a dramatic difference of the same scene. Good images all.

    • Thanks Robin! Thanks for the comment, I agree I thought a building would pop up, not this time! A new year will bring on a new subject for me however I’ll be keeping my on my Urban Landscape!

  3. Donna,
    I like the variety you have captured!!! Each one shows quite a different scene. I can see where you might of been disappointed to find construction going on. However, it really shows a different scene and this challenge was about catching your subject in various settings, and you did!!! Nice job Donna!

  4. Donna, good work on your “assignment”. I do find it more and more difficult to capture non-distracting scenic shots due to city interference. Having pointed that out I am more attracted to your construction shot with it’s fog, reflection, sunlight and “activity of vehicles”. Ha!

  5. Donna… it seems that your urban landscape has prompted our special friend from the U.K., John Winter… Lynda’s husband and member of the “Men’s Auxillary” to send some photos our way and I will be sharing them with all in the near future!

    I do think your photos show how much an area can change and we often forget about how “progress” might also change the view. This is certainly evident as more and more building takes place and we find less and less open space. As for me… I’ll take the open space any day!

    • I love how my photos can inspire another photographer!! Looking forward to Johns submission! I’m with ya on the open space!

  6. The shots almost appear like time-lapse photos, which emphasizes the changes over time. Kudoes for getting the snow(?) ice(?) shot, being brave enough to venture out in whatever precarious weather it was.

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