Merry Christmas… Hop on the Holiday Express!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Hope Santa was good to y’all!

(Photo by Lala)

(Photo by Lala)

Our friend Sassy up in Oregon has a special photo to share with us.

Lorraine… I think you will really like this! This is a 1933 steamboiler locomotive called the Holiday Express.

The Holiday Express (Photo by Sassy)

The Holiday Express
(Photo by Sassy)

I also received an e-mail from crazy woman rebeKah and she wanted me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and sent along a couple fun things to watch…

This is a fun e-card:

And here is an interesting light show…

Wishing you and your families a wonderful holiday season. Hope you are getting lots of good photos!


13 thoughts on “Merry Christmas… Hop on the Holiday Express!

    • We get these old steam locomotives every so often up here. This one was at a local amusement park earlier this month.

  1. Great Shot Fay, fun Santa!

    Wonderful shot Sassy, the smoke and steam are great natural elements! Love The Christmas lights on the train who would have thunk it!

    Hope all of the CWPC had a great Christmas!

  2. I hope all ya’ll had a great Christmas day yesterday. I am fixing to our together my “Best of. 2013” photos. They will be posted in an album on Facebook and on My page here in the next few days. Plus I am working on shoots for next year now as well.

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