A New York City Christmas!

Robin Z. has declared that she is now going to be entering every monthly challenge and I am thrilled and someday hope to get to meet her! I am thinking that after the new year, perhaps we can have a bunch of the crazies get together for lunch to meet and have a raucous laugh or two!

So Robin sent me this message with her photos…

“I was in NYC for Thanksgiving visiting my step-sister, Cheryl, who lives on the Upper West Side. I was so excited that she lives 2 blocks from the beginning of the Macy’s Parade route. When we got there, the street was packed…we were very far back and I didn’t think we would have a good view. I decided that this Texan was going to make it as close to the front of the pack as humanly possible.

Cheryl said, “don’t be shy just be a New Yorker and make your way up front.” HA…a New Yourker….puhleeze – I’m a Texan sister we don’t know shy. I hollered, “Coming thru Y’all!” and off we went. We made it to the front – in a very sweet and Southern way 😉

Although not technically the best photos, attached are two of the hundreds of photos I shot that morning. It was a great day!!”

#1 – Santa was in tha house! Even Santa likes a good parade….and there he was standing right in front of me!

Santa (Photo by Robin Z.)

(Photo by Robin Z.)

#2 – Elf on a shelf took a day off of his shenanigans to make his appearance.”

Elf (Photo by Robin Z.)

(Photo by Robin Z.)

Donna also spent some time in New York City celebrating her birthday.
Don’t know if I dare say which one!!! Ha!

She sends along an un-altered shot from her new point-and-shoot camera.

A New York City Christmas (Photo by Donna)

A New York City Christmas
(Photo by Donna)


15 thoughts on “A New York City Christmas!

  1. Robin Z,
    What a neat experience that must of been! Great close up shot of Santa! Really like the angle of the elf looking down at you! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing more of your great photos!!!

  2. Donna,
    What a cool shot!! It has a magical look to it! Very nice angle! Congrats on the new point and shoot! I can understand how they may come in so handy and they really can take some awesome photos!!

    • Thanks Lorraine! We really had fun with the point and shoot so easy to carry around the city! Glad I made the investment. I want to carry it around in my purse so I always have a decent camera to shot those things along the way!

  3. Robin,

    I have been asking my husband to take me to New York. Maybe someday we will make it. Your photos are great and the red (one of my fav colors) is brilliant. Nice job!!

  4. Donna,

    Love your photo. The angle is awesome. Want to go there so bad. I’m going to make it someday. I know y’all had a blast!! Great photo

  5. NEW YORK CITY!? Well, if you must, just don’t eat the picante sauce, LOL. Enjoyed each of your up close and personal shots which are fantastic. And hope the birthday was delightfully memorable. I agree, let’s get together sooner than later in 2014.

  6. Robin Z…. you made me laugh as you made your way through the crowd to get a better viewing spot! Fun shots of Santa and the elf!

    Donna… I’m sure you had a good time in NYC for your birthday. It is definitely a city to be experienced. It is alive, 24/7! Loved that shot of the skyscraper. Always fun to have a point and shoot to tuck in your bag… so much less to carry! I think you did an excellent job in capturing this photo!

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