Bad CrAzY Woman!! (the rest of the story)

OK… I just have to post this!
Lorraine… you are so good at giving us a chuckle. Sorry it is at your expense but then again, if you didn’t tell me these things, I would never know!!

“I got up early after only getting 2-3 hours of sleep and headed for MY bridge to get some morning shots of the sun hitting MY bridge.
I decided to crawl up the steep embankment and get on top of the bridge. Mike said NO! But before I could be stopped, I started crawling up on my hands and knees. It was difficult as there were thorn bushes, a bunch of broken glass, and rusty pieces of metal. It was a challenge! Coming down was even more difficult. I survived and said I would never do that again!!!

Well……..guess what?? After leaving the bridge Mike and I went over to shoot the old cotton mill gin down on Main street. I then realized I didn’t have my hoodman! I knew I had it last at the bridge.

I was getting panicked thinking about the fact that I had lost it and then it dawned on me! I had left my hoodman ON TOP of the bridge! GEEZ!!! After I had gotten on top of the bridge the first time, I sat down on it and Mike snapped a quick photo and he told me to move my hoodman out of the shot so instead of just taking it and moving it behind my back, I took it off and set it behind me and then forgot it and came back down!

I am thinking no way can I go back up on that bridge!!! Then Mike reminded me that it cost $75 and I was thinking why can’t we just call the fire department and they can use their ladder truck to go up and rescue my hoodman. Mike didn’t think they would appreciate that!

I really, really didn’t want to go back up there and risk getting hurt, but I did and I survived it just fine. Also there was a swarm of wasps around me as I was doing this and Mike was very worried about me.

I guess that is what I get for disobeying, huh?”


12 thoughts on “Bad CrAzY Woman!! (the rest of the story)

  1. Lorraine you crazy girl. So glad your alright. Now I know you will do anything for the perfect shot. Good thing you didn’t take me with you. I would have fell. Lol

  2. Hahahaha! This is hilarious. You are the CERTIFIED CRAZY woman. I’m glad you made it… and no don’t ever think about going with Lorraine up there Debbie. LMAO.

  3. I say go for it, Lorraine! Just be aware and stay safe. You never know what you can achieve till you try and there’s also that risk/reward thing.

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